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My passion for makeup and cosmetics can be traced back to when I was just a little girl watching my mom transform herself in front of the mirror.  With just a bit of lipstick and a smudge of mascara she was able to enhance her best features and transform into a  truly stunning woman.


Ever since then I knew that one day I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to be able to transform myself yet remain "me" at the same time.  I wanted to learn how to emphasize my best features and play down the aspects of my face that I did not want to stand out. 


As a teenager,  I spent countless hours learning about makeup techniques, cosmetics and learning about new trends. I practiced on myself as well as family members and friends. That is how my passion for makeup evolved into something  that I decided to pursue as a career. 


For the last few years, I have been providing makeup services as a freelance makeup artist. I have transformed many brides into the most beautiful versions of themselves for their big day. I also offer makeup services for photo shoots,  head-shots for models, makeup for fashion shows among other services. 


In my work, I pride myself on using a wide variety of professional products and high quality makeup brushes and tools. Cleanliness and attention to details are of outermost importance to me. My education never stops, I am continuously inspired and learning new techniques. In order to master my skills I participated in a class with a favorite make up artist of Kim Kardashian - MARIO DEDIVANOVIC. I also strive to stay on top of the newest trends in makeup in order to provide my clients with the highest quality service possible. *


* Airbrush application available

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